FRM 1 Waterloo

FRM 1. the experimental front entrance, rear engine routemaster. 
The FRM is an experimental development of the original Routemaster concept. The vehicle contains about 60 per cent of standard Routemaster body parts. Features include electrically operated folding doors, air suspension at the rear, fluorescent lighting and a thermostatically controlled fan operated combined ventilating, heating and engine cooling system. It complied with the new  bus type regulations, ready for driver operation. It was not carried on with. 
Seen here at York Road, Waterloo. 
October 1968. 
Photograph John King

FRM 1. KGY 4D. on service 76. Victoria - Westminster- Waterloo - Blackfriars - Moorgate - Dalston - Stoke Newington - Tottenham.  Operating from Tottenham Garage (AR) Seen here at  Waterloo Station Bus stand 
October 1968 
Photograph John King

FRM Front Entrance Rear engined Routemaster
Engine: A.E.C. AV 691 11.31 litres rated at 180 b.h.p. at 1,800 transversely and vertically mounted at rear. 
Transmission: Fluid flywheel and fully automatic air operated direct acting epicyclic gearbox. 
Brakes: Power hydraulic. 
Body: Park Royal Vehicles Ltd. integral construction to L.T. design, 31 ft. 3 ins, long and 8 ft. wide 
Seating: 31 passengers on the lower deck and 41 on the upper deck. 
Weight: 8.5 tons 
Introduced: 1967. 
Photograph John King  September 1968.

See FRM1 at Potters Bar

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