DMS Daimler Fleetline

DMSs on services 122a and 99  (Woolwich - Erith)  The 99 via Upper Belvedere and the 122a Via Oakhampton Crescent.  Seen here in Plumstead High Street. 
December 1974 
Photograph. John king

DMS 1625. THM 625M. 
On service 122a. In Plumstead High Street, en-route to Woolwich. December 1974 The DMS had taken over the 99 and 122a on 10 November 1974 after the MBs had been withdrawn.
Photograph. John King

DMS 1566. THM 566M. On Service 99, in Plumstead High Street. December 1974.
In the background of this and the previous view can be seen the 'Plume of Feathers' public house. It was from here to Woolwich that the first horse tram route run by the Woolwich & Plumstead Tramway Company from around 1880. 
Photograph. John King.

DMS 1702. THM 702M. Service 272. Woolwich - Thamesmead. Seen here in Plumstead High Street. 
Photograph. John King

DMS Daimler Fleetline 
Chassis: DFaimler Fleetline 
Body: 30 ft 10 in x 8 ft 2.5 in 
Engine: Gardner 6LXB 10.45 litre or Leyland 0680 11.1 litre rated at 170 bhp at 1,850 rpm verticly mounted at rear. 
Transmission: Fluid flywheel, fully automatic direct air operated epicyclic gearbox. 

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