XA Atlantean

XA 22 CUV 22C. seen at Victoria Station in August 1968. Working service 76 with crew operation. This bus was to become Londons first double deck o.m.o on 22 November 1969.
(Note roof box RT Parked behind)
Photograph. John King.

XA 3. CUV 3C. On service 76 Tottenham - Victoria, at Waterloo.  seen in October 1968.
Photograph. John King.

XA Leyland Atlantean.
Engine: Leyland 0.680 11.1 litre rated at 13 bhp at 1,800 rpm 
Transmission: Fluid flywheel and direct selection air operated epicyclic gearbox. 
Body: 30 ft 4 in x 8 ft. Seating 72 passengers. 41 upper deck and 31 lower. 

XA 43. JLA 43D on service 76 at Waterloo. October 1968 

Photograph. John King.

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