Glasgow Transport History

 Glasgow Corporation. LA 328. KUS 583E. Service 63 on its way to Dalmarnock.September 1970.
Mags.McAnally says:-
The Building in the middle of the road behind LA328 is the old Caledonian Railway Glasgow Cross station. The line was abandoned at this time, but you could still peer down onto the  dark platforms and try to imagine what it was like travelling on this steam worked underground railway. The line was re-instated, but Glasgow Cross was not, being replaced by Argyle St further west. The Building was demolished and the opening roofed in the (electrified) refurbishment.

SMT bus (probably Central SMT) which ran from Glasgow to other central Scottish towns.
L549. GM 8049. On service 72? on its way to Cathkin. September 1970.

 Glasgow Corporation L406. SGD 408. Service 63 on its way to Dalmarnock. September 1970.

These photos seem to have been taken as you look from the Gallowgate to Argyle St. at Glasgow Cross. You can just see the spire of the Trongate arches. I am almost sure I drove the bus shown L406. I drove for Glasgow Corporation Transport back in the 1960s based at Ibrox garage,the first flat-nosed bus was the Leyland Atlantean LA 1 you can find in the transport museum at Kelvinside just around the corner from Kelvin Hall Arena that was the very first bus I drove when I passed my test and went into service. My cap badge number was 1919, I hope this little piece helps you someway. 
Carl Wilson.

Anotherer SMT bus BE 246. CGM 746C. Service 43 on its way to Wishaw. September 1970.
All above pictures were taken on the east side of Glasgow Cross facing Trongate.
 Thanks to  Gordon Fairbairn for some of the information used on this page.

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