Clapham & Clapham Junction

A very busy scene at Clapham Junction with LCC car 341 making the journey to the Embankment via Westminster. When it was given a route number it became route 2, route 4 went via Blackfriars. On the right of the picture can be seen the well known establishment of Arding & Hobbs, which can still be found at Clapham Junction.

Vic Philbey wrote:-
I spent my early years living in the vicinity of Clapham Junction, and as time went by, having an interest in local public transport I would like to politely inform you that the route that car 341 is on became route 26. Routes 2 and 4 were, as you correctly stated travelled by way of  Westminster and Blackfriars respectively but from the Clapham Common area. 

Geoff Bannister writes:-
Car 341. This is definitely route 26 which in LCC days was Kew Bridge-Hammersmith-Wandsworth-Clapham Junction-Vauxhall-Westminster Bridge- Embankment-Blackfriars Bridge-Hop Exchange (London Bridge) returning by the same route. The outer end of course became trolley route 628 in 1937. 2 and 4 were Embankment circulars running Wimbledon-Tooting-Clapham-Oval then 2 clockwise via Westminster-Embankment-Blakcfriars-Elephant and 4 anti-clockwise.

LCC car 173 in Clapham High Street. On the right of the picture is the Clapham Dining Rooms and on the left the Plough Inn. The Plough Inn can still be found at 196 Clapham High Street.

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