Eardley Arms Upper Belvedere

A nice bright summer like day as as RF 655. NLE 655 waits at the Eardley Arms terminus. London Country buses had not long been in existence in September 1970 when this photograph was taken. Previous to 1st Januarythese green buses had London Transport on their sides, and belonged to London Transport Country bus services.

The 486 ran from Belvedere to Dartford, Bow Arrow lane. via Bexleyheath, Mayplace Road, Crayford and Thames Road.
Photograph.. John King.

Nowadays both the 486 and 401 are central area routes. The 486 from Bexleyheath to North Greenwich Station, run by London Central. The 401 runs a similar route as here from Bexleyheath to Belvedere only, then goes on to Thamesmead. It is also run by London Central.

RT 4723. OLD 509. from Swanley Garage, on service 401. This bus is only going as far as Bexleyheath, but the 401 usually went all the way to Sevenoaks. This picture dates from August 1970 after transfer to London Country.

The whole of the Country area of London for 8/- a day. Impossible now by bus at any price.

Behind the buses in both these pictures is one half of Belvedere recreation ground. This half had a large paddling pool, sandpit, bowling green and rose garden. The other half on the other side of  Woolwich Road had tennis courts and playground. This is all that is left of what was once Lessness Heath, the common land of the area.
Photograph.. John King

A wintery picture as an RF on route 486 in Woolwich Road, Belvedere. Possibly taken early 1970, just after the formation of London Country.
Photograph.. John King

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