Full Details of 178 routes

Route 178 Croydon (Katherine Street) via Addiscombe Road to Addiscombe (Black Horse)

On 29 March 1927 L.G.O.C route 178 replaced  the  local tram route from Croydon  to Addiscombe 

3 October 34  ED= 7NS(MF) 5NS(SA) 2ST(SU) 
17 April 35  ED= NS (Daily) 
11 September 35  ED= NS (MS) ST (SU) 
27 May 36  ED= NS (MS) STL (SU) 
7 October 36  ED= NS (MS) LT (SU) 
24 March 37 withdrawn SU 
28 May 37  ED= NS (MF) LT (SA) 
5 January 38  ED= LT (MS) 
11 October 38 Last Day of Operation 

Route 178 West Norwood (Rosendale) to Victoria
6 January 52  RL= 11RT (MF) 11RT (SA)  NIL (SU) Part of the tramway replacement. 
2 April 52  SW= 11RT (MF) 11RT (SA) NIL (SU) When Stockwell opened 
19 May 54  Extended to Golders Green and renumbered 2A 

Route 178 Clapton (Pond) to Maryland
13 May 59 Route 208A (which started 30 April 41) intermediately re-routed to avoid (Extra) low bridges in Kenworthy Road and Wallis Road to run via Ponsford Street and Morning Lane instead of Kenworthy Road and also via Chapman Road and White Post Lane instead of Berkshire Road and Wallis Road. 
Re-numbered 178 and RF replaced by RLH. 
1 Julyy 62  D= 13RLH (MF) 7RLH (SA) NIL (SU) 
16 April 71 withdrawn and replaced by Flat Fare route S3 with MBS (23 March 75 changed to SMS) 

Route 178 Woolwich to Thamesmead (Alsike Road)
27 September 80 Short Journeys of route 177 re-numbered 178 ( 177 Extended to Thamesmead  7 October 74) AW=DMS (Daily) 
3 January 81 AW= MD (Daily) 
31 October 81 PD= MD (Daily) when new Plumstead garage opened. 
22 November 82 Start of conversion of all PD routes to T 
8 April 83 Completion of conversion of all PD routes to T 
19 September 83 Re-routed in Woolwich via General Gordon Place, Vincent Road and Burrage Road instead of Beresford Square. 
27 October 84 Extended to Shooters Hill, Kidbrooke and Lewisham Via Route 291 
PD= T 
8 May 84 Re-routed in Woolwich via John Wilson Street, Wellington Street and Greens End instead of Powis Street which became a pedestrian precinct. 
4 February 85 Re-routed in Shooters Hill towards Woolwich via the full length of Egligton Hill instead of Brent Road and Cantwell Road which is still served in the Lewisham direction. 
16 January 88 Operation transferred from SELKENT to BEXLEYBUS at BX and converted to mixed L/D. Also extended in Thamesmead from Alsike Road to Eastern Industrial Estate. 
19 January 91 Operations at BX transferred to London Central and converted to T 
8 October 94 Route curtailed to run from Woolwich to Kidbrooke (Kidbrooke Way) return via Rochester Way,due to a weight restriction on the railway bridge at Kidbrooke. Kidbrooke (Ferrier Estate) to Lewisham section re-numbered 278. 
Autumn 96 Converted from T to DRL 
20 June 98 Route extended from Kidbrooke Way to Kidbrooke Station to a purpose built interchange road. Buses now run both ways via Kidbrooke Park Road. 
23 January 99 Operation transferred to  Stagecoach SELKENT at 
PD with low floor single Deck SLD.(There are 'strange visitors'  of L, NV, DAL, PD infact every type at Plumstead except MB mercs!) 

This list was compiled by:- by Christopher J. Johnson. 

Start date Garage code Vehicle type and numbers used
3 October 34 ED=  7NS(MF) 5NS(SA) 2ST(SU)

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