Crossing the Thames

The James Newman passes another ferry boad in mid Thames. The northern shore can be seen behind. Between the two tower blocks a ships funnel can be seen in one of the docks.  A scene often seen by many living in the area was to see a ship at the bottom of the garden. To the left the dock cranes and a line of red buses await at the terminal.
April 1970.
Photo. John King.

Looking South as a ferry approaches the Northern Terminal. St Mary's church can be seen on the skyline with a new tower block nearby. Towards the left of the picture on the skyline can be seen the water tower on Shooters Hill.
April 1970.
Photograph. John King.

Looking North with the Ernest Bevin in mid stream. The northern skyline is filled with the cranes of the Royal Docks, now all gone. People living in the area would often find a ship at the bottom of the garden.
April 1970
Photograph. John king.

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