Woolwich Free Ferry

The Woolwich Ferry Today

Woolwich Free Ferry, The James Newman, approaching the Woolwich landing stage, with St Mary's church visible. August 2000.
Photograph Anthony Wilson, with thanks.
The Woolwich Free Ferry runs seven days per week, except on Christmas Day and New Years Day. Crossing the River Thames between  the town of Woolwich, and North Woolwich (now in the Borough of Newham), which is not far from London City Airport. It is the eastern joining point between the South and North Circular roads (A205 - A406 (A117)). 

There have been only four unscheduled stoppages in recent history. The only other reason is in fog where the captain cannot see the other shore. 

Three boats are in use on the crossing, (Ernest Bevin, John Burns, and James Newman). 
Two running with one in dock, on Saturday and Sunday only one boat runs. 

Crossing time is approximately 15 minutes (five to load, five to cross, and five to unload). 

The James Newman in tidal dock

The James Newman on the grid (tidal dock). This is where maintenance and repairs are carried out. Some of the work e.g. painting the hull has to be done between tides.
September 1972
Photo John King
Below is an appoximate timetable for the boats
First Boat Last Boat
Monday - Friday 0600 2030    north - south
Saturday 0630 2030    north - south
Sunday 1130 1930    north - south

The last boat South to North is approximately 15 minutes earlier than the above times.

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