RLH 67. MXX 267 Route 178, Clapton - Stratford. seen here in Stratford Broadway. July 1968.

These buses looked very different from regular London buses. Not just the squat appearance from outside, but inside they were very different. On the upper saloons the gangway was on one side and sunken. the seats were of bench type, four across. Hard work for the conductor if they were a little on the short side and had to reach across to the window seat. On the lower saloon the height was restricted because of the sunken gangway upstairs. It had lots of mind your head stickers when getting into the seats on this side.
Photograph. John King

RLH 72. MXX 272 Route 178.  seen here in Stratford Broadway 
July 1968.
Route 178 has since migrated south of the river to Woolwich where it runs to Kidbrooke Station via Shooters Hill. Previous to its use in East London the 178 ran between West Norwood and Victoria.
Photograph. John King

RLH. AEC Regent mark three, lowbridge.
Engine:- 9.6 litre rated at 115 b.h.p. at 1,800 rpm.
Transmission:- Fluid flywheel and pre-selective flywheel.

The ticket on the left is a Gibson machine type from route 178 from 1971. Tickets before this time had a D (for penny) next to the price.

There were two batches: RLH 1 -20 (KYY501 - 520) were classified 1RLH1 and had AEC Regent III 9612E chassis and delivered during 1950.  These were painted in Country area green and had chrome plated radiators.  RLH 21 - 76 (MXX221 - 276) were classified 2RLH1/1 and had AEC Regent III 9613E chassis delivered during 1952. The first 32 of this batch were green and the remainder red, and all had polished aluminium radiators.  All had Weymann Lowbridge bodywork (27 up, 26 down) with a sunken offside gangway upstairs, all built to a fairly standard 'provincial' design. They were mechanically similar to RT's but had a characteristically larger bonnet 'bulge' in order to house the engine driven dynamo.  The engine note was also deeper than that of RT's.  London Country finally withdrew theirs on 31 July 1970, and LT's on 16 April 1971.  RLH 44 carried on for a few years in the guise of mobile uniform store, numbered 581J.

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