Route 178 RLH

RLH 57. MXX 257 on service 178  Clapton - Stratford..
On its way to Clapton Pond seen here in Stratford Broadway. 29 March 1971
Photograph John King.
These buses were previously used on route 127. This service was withdrawn on 19 August 1958. The buses were then re-allocated to replace RFs on service 208a, which was then renumbered 178.  It started service in May 1959. Route number 178 has since migrated south of the river to Woolwich where it runs to Kidbrooke Station via Shooters Hill, but previous to being allocated to East London, it ran between West Norwood and Victoria.

RLH 58. MXX 258 on service 178  Clapton - Stratford. seen here in Stratford Broadway. 29 March 1971.
On this bus can be seen an unusual feature, no rear route number blind.
Photograph John King.

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